The amphibious watercraft Sealegs has walked into Australia

Sealegs has just walked into Australia.

From the land that invented bungy jumping, jet boats and the splitting the atom comes another ingenious invention. Now there’s a new range of amphibious craft called ‘Sealegs’ and there are almost no limits to where it can take you, on land or at sea.

Imagine an inflatable boat that comes equipped with not only an outboard motor but with three motorised wheels that are lowered when you come to the beach. So you could think of Sealegs as either a boat that drives on land, or an all terrain vehicle that floats. Either way, Sealegs can take you across rough swells or rough tracks, through mudflats or floods.

Sealegs has already broken Sir Richard Branson’s record for an amphibious craft crossing the English Channel. One intrepid Sealegs adventurer recently completed a total circumnavigation of the North Island on New Zealand, a journey of thousands of kilometres and millions of waves. Sealegs has also claimed the world record for the fastest amphibious vehicle clocking over 100km/hr.

There are Sealegs models purpose built for applications from military duty to rescue craft, for work or for play. Sealegs is the world’s largest manufacturer of amphibious boats and is making waves in a range of markets all around the world.

The hulls are constructed of a durable Hypalon material which is resistant to a range of extreme conditions and punishment. Driven by an outboard motor from 90 – 150 horsepower, they make an ideal ski boat or recreational craft capable of speeds up to 60 km/hr (37 knots). Then once you get to 1 metre of water or shallower, the wheels come down and provide the driving force.

On land, a Sealegs can climb slopes up to a 1:4 grade, or negotiate 1:3 downhill descents travelling at up to 10 km/hr. So whether the terrain is steep, slippery or sealed, Sealegs can take you there. Then when you’re finished, this nimble craft is light enough for a family sedan to tow you away to another adventure.

The Sealegs range has just managed to cross the Tasman and is now being distributed by Sirocco marine. So log onto and view the demonstration video, check out the range and find out how far Sealegs can take you.

Visit their display at the Sydney International Boat Show – Hall 5, Stand 501A.

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