State of the art Thermal Imaging Cameras make for safer navigation

Marine electronics and navigation guru, Errol Cain has supervised the installation of marine electronic systems into thousands of luxury cruisers in his 21 years experience. In this issue Errol shares his knowledge and experience on OceanView’s new Thermal Image Cameras.

OceanView’s thermal imaging cameras are the latest state-of-the-art night vision camera systems providing high resolution images day or night.

This new product not only defines images in low light situations, it also has a dual capacity to capture thermal images as well. It has a range of up to one nautical mile and uses a low light .00015 Lux camera to provide a crisp picture in even the most difficult navigational conditions.

The five model range can be fitted to any size boat and can be interchanged between vessels.

The Appollo II is the base model and offers a multiple camera system for full perimeter viewing in any light condition.

The Triton is a three camera system featuring thermal and low light cameras as well as fixed field of view and a high zoom colour camera for viewing objects at a distance.

The Atlas is OceanView’s top of the line camera system featuring a powerful zoom lense and increased viewing through the thermal camera.

The Poseidon is a gyro stabilised system, maintaining a stable image on the screen in front of you by compensating for the vessel’s movement.

The Zeus is the most precise gyro stabilised system available providing object tracking with its superior night vision capabilities and thermal imaging.

OceanView’s new night vision cameras are the most exciting electronic navigation to be released since the advent of the infra-red imaging, according to R Electronics managing director Errol Cain.

“From our night time trials where we ran at speeds ranging from planning to cruising speed in varying degrees of darkness, the OceanView low-light camera literally turned night into day and allowed us to navigate with complete confidence,” he said.

OceanView is offered exclusively at R Electronics, for more information call 07 5561 7900

A note of praise from Riviera 70 owner Bryan Stokes:

‘A short note to say how incredible your company’s night vision system is, I very recently had my new Riviera 70 delivered to me. In the process of choosing the electronics package, Errol from Riviera Electronics suggested that I fit your night vision system.

The system is so good that I believe it should be mandatory for all boats, we left late afternoon on our way to Hamilton Island. We where amazed to be able to see whales spouting at up to a nautical mile away, and birds taking off in front of us.

We felt so safe that cruising along at 25 knots caused us no worries. We tested this system out on a night with no moon and with a total cloud with no stars. ??I believe that the real value of your system will be in a man overboard situation, the ability to quickly find someone in the water in the dark would be a real life saver.

I have nothing but praise for you system, thanks for making it available to all us boaties.’