Seadoo RXT-X260 Review

We’d been keen to get our hands on the Seadoo RXT-X 260 for weeks but true to Murphy and his ridiculous law always presenting itself at the most inopportune moments, three weeks since arranging the test we were still yet to even see it.

Sydney’s drenching running from May 18 pretty much into the first week of June had foiled all and any plans for a test and with the dreaded deadline approaching the decision was made to proceed despite the weather forecast suggesting showers.

As we sat in the vehicle admiring the clean lines and sporty look of the new model, the shower turned to a monsoon and unloaded more water than we had ever seen come from the sky on the very spot we were for the entire shoot. Elsewhere looked sunny and the light was good so we thought… why not?

The Seadoo RXT-X is a new model built on the hull of the RXT iS which features suspension and as a result has very deep foot wells forward. They do make stepping over the side onto a beach a little more difficult than normal but nothing you can’t get used to. The striking colour scheme of red and black compliments this vessel perfectly and gives it a stealthy look.

The Seadoo is built for speed and has plenty of it. The 260hp delivers exceptional hole shot and the top end speed is amazing. Despite blinding rain and choppy conditions we still managed to wind it up to over 100 km/h and felt completely comfortable doing so. In the middle range the acceleration is still noticeable and the hull cuts through chop exceptionally well given the length of the craft. Handling overall is direct and responsive with the hull always feeling sure and confident across the water. If sporty riding is more you, subtle shifts in weight enable you to throw the tail around in corners.

The Seadoo RXT-X260 features both a touring mode for more sedate riding and a sports mode for the thrill seeker. Touring mode delays the throttle response so if you are riding in open waters or choppy conditions it stops the jerky ride often experienced. Sports mode can be engaged through the on dash menu and even warns you to instruct passengers to hold on, and rightly so.

The technology included in these new models is impressive. iBRTM is the newest addition to these Seadoo craft and allows users a level of control not seen previously. For the first time you have a functional neutral, engaged by tapping the brake lever once. To move forward, tap the throttle once. The Intelligent Brake is a marvel of design and allows users to slow down in half the space usually required. It also makes docking a breeze. Don’t fear flying over the handlebars when you hit the brake. The iBRTM system automatically applies just the right amount of braking.

The trademarked iTCTM Intelligent Throttle Control includes cruise, control, neutral as mentioned previously, slow mode and High-Performance Variable Trim System (V.T.S.TM). All are accessed via the on dash computer which also displays fuel consumption. Cruise control can be a godsend on long rides and is simple to engage.

The seating position is comfortable and gives easy access to the controls. Our only criticism is the width at your knees which seems to be more suited to big Americans than little Aussies, although the tester was of an average height. The handlebar setup up is customisable giving riders a chance  to adjust the bar width and tilt to suit their dimensions with the seat being comfortable and providing adequate grip even when wet. The seat is designed to accommodate 3 all up. The traction in the foot wells is also grippy and we had no problems with slipping.

If you are looking for a Ferrari on the water, the Seadoo RXT-X260 is it. It is powered by a close cooled 260hp Supercharged Rotax engine and combines sleek looks and plenty of power. The only thing missing is a prancing horse on the nose.