Rock your boat with Lowrance’s SonicHub

Lowrance has launched its revolutionary audio hub and docking station for recreational boating, the SonicHub™.

SonicHub is the world’s first marine audio server utilising high-definition viewing technology, combined in a multifunction display. The innovative Lowrance High Definition System (HDS) allows boaters to enjoy all the benefits of the SonicHub docking station on a single crystal-clear screen.
SonicHub’s docking station is suitable for use with the very latest iPod, iPhone, or other USB MP3 players, making it the perfect choice for those fun weekends on the water when you want access to your entire music collection at the touch of a button. The secure and waterproof docking station ensures any external device, such as an iPod, is safe from the testing elements of a marine environment.
With a high-power 50W amp and choice of 12.7cm (5”), 16.3cm (7”), 21.3cm (8”) and 26.4cm (10”) sunlight viewable display screens, the Lowrance SonicHub provides a sensational sound and visual control experience. The built-in AM/FM tuner is useful when you want to keep up to date with the latest news and weather reports.
The Lowrance SonicHub comes bundled with stylish, high-quality, marine grade 6.5” powerful 200W speakers for the ultimate in music on the move. With the option to add a subwoofer, the Lowrance SonicHub delivers maximum performance for a minimal price.
SonicHub’s intuitive and stylish graphical user interface provides menu systems and icons that are easy to understand and navigate.
SonicHub is also simple to install on an NMEA2000 network, with no need to cut holes in the console for an audio head unit, making it the perfect choice for smaller craft with limited space or for those who are style conscious and want the latest technology.
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