Riviera Fleet Enjoys Canapes At Canaipa Passage 2009

Priceless memories and serenity of cruising from Sovereign Islands on the Gold Coast north to Canaipa Passage, the spectacular waterway between Russell Island and North Stradbroke Island.

The camaraderie, priceless memories and serenity of cruising, is what Terry Mallon and Rod Anderson enjoyed when they travelled to Canaipa Passage with the Riviera family this week.

They were among a fleet of seven Riviera luxury cruisers with about 30 crew, who embarked on a 38 nautical mile round trip from Sovereign Islands on the Gold Coast north to Canaipa Passage, the spectacular waterway between Russell Island and North Stradbroke Island.

The event, organised by the team at R Marine was a huge success and they look forward to the next cruise to Fraser Island in September.

For Terry Mallon and his wife, Barbara, it is the sheer exhilaration of cruising aboard their 4400 Sport Yacht that made this journey so special.

Terry said it was a fantastic experience and recalls the highlight of his trip when his brother fell out of the tender.

“We were just on the beach going to come out to our boat in the rubber duck and Derran had one leg in and one leg out and I popped it in reverse – he didn’t make it the rest of the way, it was shallow but it was cold,” he said with a smile.

“It was just a beautiful, beautiful trip.  I have never explored this part of North Stradbroke Island  before so that was an experience in itself.

“I believe in the Riviera family and I am proud to be part of it.

“I thoroughly enjoy boating and when I’m not out on the water, I often go down and sit on my boat and read a book – it’s a home away from home.”

Terry said boating was a great way to bring the family together and he enjoyed taking his children and grandchildren out for a cruise before anchoring in a quiet bay for lunch.

He said he enjoyed the company of like-minded people and looked forward to the next Experience to Fraser Island in September.

“It would be the longest trip so far that we have ventured with our boat.”

This is the fourth Riviera Experience for Rod and his wife, Donna, who say they wouldn’t miss it.

He said the voyage to Canaipa Passage with R Marine was what he expected ‘a well organised trip with plenty of food and plenty of good company’.

Rod said the myriad memories he has of cruising in his Riviera 430 were ‘priceless’.

“I enjoy the scenery, it’s almost as if time freezes because you are so focused on listening to the motor and watching the horizon, if ever you could make time stand still – that would be it,” said Rod.

“It’s your own world and it’s a nice independent feeling getting away from everyday life.  Some of the things you experience out on the water are priceless.”

Rod said he felt comfort in the knowledge that he was travelling with the safety of the Riviera family and its support network.  He has also formed new friendships with fellow boat owners during the Riviera experience.

“It’s nice to cruise in company and Canaipa Passage is the safest anchorage in any kind of weather,” he said.

On Saturday, the Riviera family was treated to a barbecue lunch on the beach, courtesy of R Marine Queensland; followed by children’s activities and a sunset walk along Slipping Sands.  Later that evening there was a Bonfire on the beach where they enjoyed the simple pleasure of toasting marshmallows.

On Sunday they returned home, arriving back at about 2pm after a leisurely morning at Canaipa Passage.