Riviera Celebrates 30 Years With a Commemorative Poster

Riviera, Australia’s most awarded pleasure boat builder has marked yet another major milestone celebrating its 30 year anniversary by releasing a limited edition commemorative poster.

The A1 size gloss and foiled full colour poster features 70 different models built over the 30 year period between 1980 and 2010 reflecting Riviera’s philosophy of constant innovation and integrity.

Riviera’s brand and communications director, Stephen Milne said he was fortunate to be at the launch of the very first Riviera, the 38 Open Flybridge MKI in Bayview, Sydney back in 1980.

“I was working in marine publishing at the time and was involved with the photo shoot and the production of the first brochure for the 38.  I remember when Riviera launched the 38, I was standing on the flybridge holding up a broom to lift the power lines as the truck transporting the 38 pulled out of the factory on its way down to the Bayview boat ramp.  I am proud to have also been involved with our very latest release all these years later of the 43 Open Flybridge with IPS, which is the latest model featured on our poster,” Mr Milne said.

“A fitting tribute to our 30th year is the production of this limited edition poster, which I am sure Riviera owners will cherish and Riviera enthusiasts would love to get a hold of.

“On the back of the poster there is a summary of each model built over the 30 years, how many boats were produced for each model and when production commenced and ceased so it really is a mini Riviera encyclopedia.  It also shows the evolution of the Riviera logo design over 30 years to our current logo which was developed in 2003.

“If we compare the technology between the first boat built in 1980, the 38 Open Flybridge, with Riviera’s latest model, the 43 Open Flybridge; now we have forward facing propellers with Pod drives, enclosed flybridges with internal access, far more sophisticated materials and finishes, European appliances in the galley including dishwashers, LED lighting, digital switching, joystick engine controls, and power assisted steering.  Isn’t progress a wonderful thing.

“Another interesting comparison is that Riviera built 36 of its first 38 MKI Open Flybridges over a six year period.  By contrast, we have sold 26 of our new 43 Open Flybridges in just seven months such is the development and sophistication at our manufacturing process today.  This is a significant achievement for an Australian company whose modest beginnings started 30 years ago in a small factory in Terrey Hills in the northern suburbs of Sydney.  Riviera moved to Labrador on the Gold Coast in 1981.” 

Riviera’s limited edition 30th anniversary commemorative poster is available free of charge to all registered Riviera owners plus the cost of packaging and freight.  Riviera enthusiasts can purchase the poster for AUD$35 including packaging and freight.  For an order form email info@riviera.com.au