Premier Marine Sydney Profile

Name: Lee Poulson

Company: Premier Marine

Job Title : Brand Manager

How, where and when did the Marine industry find you or Why did you choose a career in the marine Industry

I’d wished to work in the marine industry from the moment I experienced my first drive on a Chris Craft. I’d expressed my wishes to work in the Industry to Steve (Premier Marine’s Dealer Principal) who was a boat financier at the time, so when his NSW dealer went into receivership, it was the perfect opportunity for us to transition into retail. This was almost 3 years ago and actually we’ve just been named Number One International Regal Dealer Worldwide, which is testament to us knowing we certainly made the right decision.

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What is your current role and what does your average work day involve ?

As Premier Marine is a boutique business, I gladly wear numerous hats as required, which serves to keep my daily activities fun and exciting. Technically, however, I’m the Brand Manager and am the creative force behind the business. I also work alongside Steve with all our sales enquiries, test drives and office administration.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I love every aspect of this business, from being out on the most gorgeous boats at any given time, to meeting some of the most amazing and inspirational people (in the form of our customers). I especially enjoy being in charge of all our advertising and marketing, as I’m quite a creative person. My position certainly sees me exercise every one of my passions.

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As a broker/dealer how can you best help people that are new to boating?

Considering I entered this industry with absolutely no knowledge of it or with any sales experience, I feel I’m able to really assist new boaters as I’ve learnt everything from scratch myself. From boat cleaning and maintenance, to how to fully option a boat, as well as safe driving and handling. I can relate, therefore, to all our new boaters and I feel this is one of the many reasons that 80% of our customers are absolutely new to boating, as they find our post sales service helps them to feel supported not just in the beginning but ongoing. I like to approach my customers in a very genuine and simplistic manner and I like to tell them the ins and outs of boating starting from the basic foundation and working my way up. Especially with driver training and safety, we like to take everything in slow steps to ensure our customers are completely confident with their boat. By teaming my expertise with Steve’s, which is absolutely phenomenal, I feel we can equally advise anyone from a novice boater to an absolute professional.

What industry groups or networks are you a part of?

We fully support the efforts and initiatives of the BIA of NSW Marine Brokers Association. They truly support our efforts in ensuringthe boaties of NSW enjoy the best possible sales, service and lifestyle experience when buying their boat.

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Tell us about some of the boats/yachts you have owned (First boat?)

As a Dealer Principal we own many boats, but I do hope to own my very own Chris Craft pride and joy next year. My first dream boat is a trailer-able, a Limited Edition Chris Craft Silver Bullet.

What is your current boat or Yacht ? multiple?

I don’t have a boat but Steve enjoys having a Chris Craft Catalina 26 as his boat to enjoy during summer. He chooses this boat as he loves diving and finds this is a great boat to head off- shore in and is perfect for throwing a heap of diving gear onboard, without any worry. It’s the type of boat his family enjoys using for every day cruising as well.

If you could have any boat, what would it be?

I’m asked this question all the time and I must admit I have a few favourites for different reasons. My first choice, however, would undoubtedly be a Chris Craft 28 Corsair, which is renowned as being the epitome of Sydney Harbour boating.

Favourite boat or Yacht of all time

Frausher has just launched the 1017GT, a 30 foot version of the 717GT. I just saw the first pieces of footage shot in Austria and my hair stood on end. It looks magnificent and I think this will be my new favourite boat to aspire to.

Where is the best place to go boating in Australia ?

I love boating on Sydney Harbour, Pittwater, Roseville. I’ve done quite a bit of boating around Harrington, which is beautiful too. A lot of our customers take their boats down to Jervis Bay and I would love to get a Chris Craft Silver Bullet on a trailer and head down there for a weekend.

What is the best coastal cruise/expedition/race you have ever taken part in?

One of my favourite experiences was taking out one of our new customers in his brand new Regal 4460 to welcome Jessica Watson back into Sydney after her round the world voyage. There were horrendous 4 metre swells and most boats out there were hanging out in the safety of the Harbour, but we ventured forth out into the Heads. The only other 2 boats that did the same were our customers on their 36 Chris Craft and a 28 Launch. It was a great moment for me when it was truly confirmed just how awesome our boats are as well as having action packed customers.