Nanni Diesel powers the Vendee Global Challenge winner

Nanni Diesel powers the Vendee Global Challenge winner.

When sailing around the world, it pays to have reliable back-up power on board. So the majority of entrants in the recent Vendée Globe Challenge were equipped with Nanni Diesel engines.  

Fortunately the winner Michel Desjoyeaux was also equipped with a Nanni, a decision which was to prove crucial as his race was far from smooth sailing. On the 11th November 2008, Michel noticed a leak from the water ballast shortly after leaving port. The leak, caused by a broken cover on the central ballast, allowed water into the engine compartment and damaged the engine’s electrical circuit, regulator and the engine instrument panel. Continuing the race was impossible without a fully operational electrical system, so he was forced to return to the port of Sables d’Olonne on the coast of France.

A team of two Nanni Diesel technicians was sent out that night to make urgent repairs. As a result, Michel Desjoyeaux was able to return to the race in less than 5 hours, a servicing effort worthy of a formula one team, all thanks to the efficiency of the Foncia and Nanni Diesel crews.

Nanni Diesel is proud to have been able to provide this level of service quality and speed which allowed Michel back into the race with minimal delay and led to his ultimate victory. Nanni Diesel always puts in maximum effort to guarantee the best outcomes for its customers and strategic partners.

Of course, that’s not all Nanni does for offshore racers. To meet the speed and weight demands of competitive racing yachts, Nanni Diesel has recently developed the new generation Nanni N4.38, an engine which delivers emergency propulsion and all electrical functions in a lightweight package.

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Base engine: 4.150 HE (37,5HP@3000 RPM) Bipolar wiring
Instrument panel: A3
Type of propulsion system: Sail drive SD 10-2.16/1R
Engine alternator: ISKRA 100 A 12V
Intercalated generator: 24 volts 160 amps.