Mercury Racing 520 High Performance for Lower Budgets

Designed and built to give more people access to high-performance boating, Mercury Racing is proud to introduce the 520 sterndrive.

The naturally aspirated 520 might look like a MerCruiser, but it isn’t. The 520 was developed to provide recreational boaters with an affordable way to experience Mercury Racing’s exclusive high-performance sterndrives.

In short – it’s a game changer.

Featuring Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) technology, the V8 520 is built around Mercury Racing’s proven CNC-machined cylinder block which is packed with specially designed components including a balanced crankshaft, forged I-beam and shot-peened connecting rods and forged aluminium pistons.

However, by increasing the cylinder bore size this new engine boasts an 8.6L displacement which delivers 520 hp (388 kW) – all on 91 octane unleaded fuel.

Highly robust valve train components enable the 520 to produce all that power reliably, while still generating an unprecedented mid-range punch and consistent pull through the engine’s entire rev range.

Closed cooled for more uniform temperature distribution, optimal running quality and longer life, the 520 comes with a carburised hardened camshaft to further enhance durability.

Controlling all of this power is the same Propulsion Control Module (PCM 09) microprocessor as found on Mercury Racing’s QC4v family. In addition to DTS control, the PCM optimises fuel and spark timing independently in each cylinder for enhanced engine running quality, performance, fuel economy and durability.

The PCM also runs Mercury Racing’s exclusive Engine Guardian System, which monitors engine functions and indicates when parameters go out of specified range, minimising the risk of engine damage. This “smart” technology not only alerts the boater, it also reduces power to a maximum safe level that allows the engine to continue operation.

The 520 is available with Bravo One XR, Bravo One XR Sport Master (standard and short) and Bravo Three XR drive options.

The low-cost high-performance sterndrive is backed by an unprecedented two-year limited factory warranty.

And to top it all off, the 520 is available in 11 colours so it will look good in any boat.


Mercury Racing 520 key features

·       8.6 Litre multiport fuel injected V-8 engine with a premium forged micro-alloy crankshaft, induction hardened and precision balanced for maximum performance.

·       Precision CNC cast iron cylinder block with large bore cylinder for enhanced power and torque.

·       Forged 4340 steel, I–beam, shot-peened connecting rods.

·       Forged aluminium pistons for maximum strength and durability.

·       Mercury Racing aluminium cylinder heads feature optimised valve angles for improved air flow.

·       Carburised hardened camshaft for enhanced durability.

·       Performance cam profiles, combined with larger valves, pack more air into the combustion chamber for greater power and torque.

·       Broad torque band for enhanced hole shot, unprecedented mid-range punch and consistent pull through the engine rpm operating range.

·       Digital electronic throttle and shift for smooth, “Zero Effort” operation.

·       The engine propulsion control module (PCM) optimises fuel and spark control for each cylinder independently, enhancing engine running quality and performance.

·       Engine Guardian forewarns of possible problems that could lead to engine damage.

·       Twin electric fuel pumps operated in a water-cooled housing.

·       The thermostatically-controlled oil system ensures faster oil warm up. The high-capacity cooler maintains good oil temp under all operating conditions.

·       Closed-cooling with five-year coolant, for less maintenance and increased corrosion protection.

·       65-amp (917-watt) charging system.

·       Two-year limited warranty for recreational boating.

·       Suitable for Bravo One XR, Bravo One XR Sport Master and Bravo Three XR drives.

·       Integrated Transom System (ITS) available.


Crankshaft-rated HP

520HP (388 kW)




Full Throttle Range

4800-5200 rpm

Fuel System


Sequential fuel injection


8.6 Litres

(523 cubic inches)


91 RON (global)



115.8 mm

(4.560 inches)


Drive Unit*

Bravo One XR.

Bravo One XR Sport Master (Std. or Short). Bravo Three XR.



(4.0 inches)


Gear Ratio

Bravo One XR,

Bravo One XR Sport Master (Std. or Short) – 1.35:1 or 1.50:1.

Bravo Three XR – 1.65:1, 1.81:1 or 2.00:1

Compression Ratio



Length Transom

(mount to front of engine)

869mm (34.2 in)


Cylinder Arrangement



(from crankshaft centreline)

684 mm (26.9in)



65-amp (917watt)



858 mm (33.8in)


2 year limited for recreational boating


553 kg (1218 lbs)