Fusion Electronics announces new high-power five-channel amplifier

Fusion Electronics                                                                

Exhibitor Fusion Electronics is announcing its new high-power MS-DA51600 five-channel amplifier at Sanctuary Cove.

Described as a ‘quantum leap forward’, Fusion’s digital amplifier dazzles in appearance, features and performance.

Environment-resistant under the polished stainless steel cover, the stunning amplifier delivers high-power sound to many loudspeakers plus a subwoofer.

Fusion developed its hi-fi D-class digital amplification for high output power at high efficiency to ensure low battery drain with no need for a cooling fan.

Output power is 1600 watts peak for the full home-theatre experience in a motor yacht. Fusion ensured the new unit meets marine standards with internal conformal coating to resist the elements.

Few amplifiers come close to the controls offered with an in-cabin bass level control and multiple pre-set frequency controls. Outputs include subwoofer plus four speaker channels for sound front and rear.

RCA line-level inputs are included for easy connection to new or existing systems. 

Under the cover, you’ll find a wide range of adjustable one-time pre-sets, for tuning the amplifier to your entertainment system perfectly.

These enable adjustment of LPF (Low Pass Frequency) or HPF (High Pass Frequency), plus more. A bass boost in the subwoofer channel adjusts from 0dB to 12dB. Level pre-set is provided for all channels.

What does this mean to the non-technical amongst us?

Straight out of the box the FUSION amplifier will sound fine, however when adjusted as advised in the manual, an owner or professional with a keen ear will ensure the FUSION MS-DA51600 will impress all who hear it.

Outputs are Subwoofer plus four speaker channels for front and rear sound. RCA line-level inputs are included, for easy connection to new or existing systems. You and everyone who listens to FUSION will be impressed.

FUSION MS-DA51600 marine amplifiers will soon be available at your FUSION dealer.