Barramundi Boatyard is promoting the Barramundi 470 FAST at Sanctuary Cove

Barramundi Boatyard                                                             

Exhibitor Barramundi Boatyard is promoting the Barramundi 470 FAST at Sanctuary Cove in a world launch. The company will discuss the vessel, based on the design of Eric Lerouge, who is renowned for his performance multihull designs, the catamaran is built for long-distance traveling in safety.

The 14.7m vessel has a beam of 7.8m and a draft of 1.1m. The Sri Lankan boatyard, set up by renowned French and Belgian boat builders, produces a 47ft and 52ft model in three standard versions – FAST, LITE and PURE.

Since they are made out of epoxy, the boats are extremely light compared to other boats of the same size. The company describes them as the ‘fastest serial boats on the water’.

The FAST range focuses on speed. This model has more carbon fibre integrated in the structure. The PURE range is a more basic version still equipped for world cruising. Elements in the Barramundi 470 FAST include a rotating wingmast and full carbon fibre kitchen.

The vessel can cruise at 15 knots and be pushed to 25 knots and upwards with ease. The spacious owner’s cabin takes an entire hull. Two more double bedrooms with separate toilet are located within the vessel.

Other features include running thermostat controlled hot and cold water, a washing machine, oven, skipper’s berth, TV stereo entertainment system, fridge and deep freeze.

Barramundi Boatyard is based in the southern area of Sri Lanka and uses ultra-light sandwich, epoxy, polyester with glass, Kevlar and carbon fibre infusion techniques. The company produces carbon fibre masts up to 30m, carbon fibre park avenue booms and epoxy sandwich windmill blades for a European manufacturer