A month away from the launching of 80 metre CRN 129


The Ancona Shipyard is getting ready for the January event: today, the ship was moved to the slipway with a spectacular handling

Ancona Tuesday 11th December 2012 – In exactly a month’s time, on Saturday January 12th, the CRN 80 metre steel and aluminium megayacht “Chopi Chopi” hull number 129 of the CRN Shipyard, , will in fact be launched in Ancona: a big event which will involve the city, the territory and the boating industry.

This is an historical moment for the Ferretti Group Shipyard – specialized in the construction and marketing of fully customized steel and aluminium displacement mega yachts and semi customized composite yachts, ranging from 40 to 90 metres. Indeed “Chopi Chopi” will be the biggest yacht ever manufactured by CRN. The external shape and internal layout were being designed by Studio Zuccon International Project, in close collaboration with CRN Technical Office which took care of the naval project, while the interior design was taken care of by Architect Laura Sessa Romboli and CRN Centro Stile, who interpreted the Owner’s request paying attention to the smallest details.

At the Ancona Shipyard the ceremony is being organized: on Monday, the ship was moved to the outdoor area of the shipyard and it was placed next to the large 100 metre long warehouse where it was built. Once moved, the must which is more than 8 metres long, could be installed.

Yesterday morning the megayacht was moved with the help of a hydraulic travel lift, to the slipway, an inclined surface where the pre-launching operations will be carried out while works on the interiors will continue.

All the handling phases were very spectacular, given the size of the vessel (80 metres long, 13.5 wide, 2,400 tons) and the spaces in which it is being handled: the handling required great care and attention on the workers’ side.

At the moment, 8 mega yachts of the CRN brand are being manufactured at the Ancona shipyard: namely, five steel and aluminium megayachts –  CRN 129 of 80 mt, CRN 131 of 74 mt (both designed by Zuccon International Project), CRN 132 of 73 mt (designed by Omega Architects), CRN 133 of 60 mt (designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design), CRN 134 of 55mt (designed by Nuvolari & Lenard) – and two CRN Navetta 43 of 43 mt made of composite, also designed by Zuccon International Project. Less than a month ago, on November 17th, CRN launched CRN 125 “J’Ade” 60mt, the seventh 60 metre steel and aluminium yacht launched since 2005, which is now being completed on the inside in view of the final delivery to the Owner, scheduled for Spring 2013. Meanwhile, in addition to these, one Riva 122’ Mythos in aluminium and 5 super yachts of the Custom Line brand are being built (namely two CL 124’ and two CL Navetta 33 Crescendo).

These numbers, which are very significant for the market segment in which CRN is positioned, confirm the remarkable dynamism of the company and its ranking among the elite of the shipbuilding industry.

CRN & Ferretti Group

The Ferretti Group, a world leader in the design, construction and marketing of luxury motor yachts, has an unparalleled portfolio of eight exclusive and prestigious brands, each with its own distinctive and unique features including Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Bertram, Riva, Mochi Craft, CRN and Ferretti Custom Line. Established in 1968 by Norberto Ferretti – currently Honorary Chairman – and led by Chairman Tan Xuguang and Managing Director Ferruccio Rossi, the Group operates a series of state-of-the-art production centers in Italy and in the United States, which integrate industrial production efficiencies with unsurpassed attention to detail, typical of the artisan tradition of Italian craftsmanship. The Group is present in the United States through its subsidiary Ferretti Group America, which manages a network of Sales Centers specializing in the distribution and sales of the Group’s brands throughout the North American market, and in Asia, through a representative and promotion office in Shanghai. Moreover, a specialized network of approximately 60 selected dealers grants the Ferretti Group’s presence in over 80 countries, thereby ensuring Clients receive the very best customer service and support in marinas throughout the world. The Group has always been at the top of the yachting industry, due to constant product and process innovation and continuous research in innovative technology solutions. The Group’s comprehensive portfolio of yachts include flybridges, runabouts, open yachts, coupe yachts, lobster boats, fisherman yachts, maxi yachts and mega-yachts that are designed by highly specialized technicians and engineers at the Advanced Yacht Technology (AYT) research and design center in close collaboration with the skilful team of architects and designers at Centro Stile Ferrettigroup,  who continuously develop and combine aesthetic, functional and innovative design solutions. The two teams are constantly developing their internal expertise while working together with internationally renowned yacht designers and naval architects. As a result, Ferretti Group’s motor yachts have always been characterized by high quality, best – in – class safety features, outstanding performance at sea; together with exclusive designs and timeless elegance, which are unparalleled in the boating sector worldwide.